Know your state of mind by simultaneously measuring your energy and control

Autonomic Nervous System

The human body functions to sustain life mostly by means of automatic operations. Besides our ability to control large muscles like those in the arms and legs, events occurring in organs such as kidneys, pancreas, and liver are rarely noticed, let alone deliberately controlled by the conscious part of one’s mind. These organs are regulated by signals travelling along the Vagus Nerve to and from the most primitive part of the brain---The Brain Stem---which sits on top of the spinal cord.

However, we can decide to pay attention to and control some body parts. Most importantly, you can intentionally stop breathing for a minute or two, breath consistently without thought, or breathe faster at one moment and slower at another. And, in turn, the heart’s action is influenced by changes in breathing. 

This form of control emanates likely from an area of the brain called The Cortical Midline. This region connects the Brain Stem with  The Neocortex, the part of the brain that processes information in the form of conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. We consider thoughts and feelings "The Mind".

You can control some of the body’s operations like breathing with "The Mind", which in turn can influence the action of the heart, and then via more or less oxygenated blood flow, the entire body.


Heart Rate (HR) per Minute is a simple measure of physical energy output.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) occurring under a second is an indicator of control.

Simultaneously measure your level of Energy and Control.

The Body Mind Analyzer measures both HR and HRV simultaneously to provide a unique perspective to your mental and physical state. The results of measuring HR and HRV are displayed in a nine cell grid which maps the levels of control and energy that determine your current state.

Why Measure Both Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variablity?

Increasingly, research is showing that compared to Low HRV, High HRV---larger variation between heart beats---gives a person more control over their mind and body. This leads to feelings of ease and competence in all sorts of endeavors, both mental operations like thinking, and more overtly physical behaviors like running.

These positive body and mind states may be understood as due to the degree of alignment of body and mind operations. In other words, moment to moment, one’s mind needs to control the body’s energy as efficiently as possible. Over control and under control are both suboptimal.

Normally we are all cycling through states of alignment and misalignment. The brain, heart, and lungs are the most important organs determining alignment. Most of the functions of these organs are not usually reported to conscious, focal attention. This device can give you information about unconscious and conscious decisions you are making to control yourself. This is because the physiological measures affect how you think and feel.  And how you think and feel affects the body.

The Body Mind Analyzer displays changes in your Energy at the same time as changes in your ability to Control yourself. One can have increasing, decreasing, or stable levels of control at different levels of energy. Ideally, one can have high control and high energy, especially in an emergency. In comparison, high energy and low control (lots of gas but not much braking ability) can get you in trouble. The driver who wins a car race has to go faster than everyone else and be able to reduce and increase speed when necessary in order not to crash.

Body Mind Analyzer App

Obtain Your Baseline

While sitting quitely start the app to begin to make measurements to obtain your baseline numbers. The app will measure your interval heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) with less than 1 second resolution. During this relaxation state your HR and HRV numbers are recorded. These readings will be used later to determine your real-time Control and Energy state scores which will be updated in real-time on the color display.

Measure Control and Energy

By focusing your attention on a question or problem you can begin to observe your subconscious thoughts and feelings. The app compares  your current interval readings to your recorded baseline numbers to determine your current alignment state. Solid green is best alignment. Blue can be considered normal which includes states of temporary sadness or happiness. Red is a sign of relatively  poor alignment and you should strive to improve your alignment for better health and your general well-being.

Optimize Your Alignment

By providing you with this unique view into your physiology the app can help you learn to control your actions while improving your ability to deal with difficult people or stressful situations. This app also provides you with a new tool to enable you to make better decisions by revealing your current state of mind and allow you to consciously act in accordance with how you really think and feel about any topic. The Body Mind Analyzer can provide you insight to your physical and mental state and help you be better prepared for any situation.

Available soon for iPhone